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Cooking in Paris — Jenni Johnson

Let me tell you: I think there’s something to say for a city that keeps drawing you back. And like most people, I can’t quite put my finger on what makes Paris so magical (obviously the list aligns with the clichés of beauty, aesthetic, those fancy mustaches…) but for now, I’m placing my pointer on the food. And not just the food, but the preparation. The intentionality. The richness found not only in the flavors but in the way they are solved to encompass and compliment one another. I want

Running in Normandie — Jenni Johnson

I was on the phone with my closest friend (who is ironically approximately 1000 miles away from me at all times) yesterday and caught myself uttering the sentence: “I feel so safe here.” This is a concept I’ve dreamt of. Both in fantasy and nightmare– because I think often times they are the same thing. Comfort can be quite uncomfortable in a culture that equates serenity with stagnation. We hope and pray for some sort of security in our lives; and yet when we find it (or it finds us) we don’t

I Promise You It’s Worth The Risk

In Ken Coleman’s book One Question, he asks New York Times Best Selling Author Seth Godin about the concept of opportunities. Godin’s answer was jarring: “…Most of us are blind to what’s possible. The reason is simple: we’re afraid. Fear is the flip side of opportunity. You can’t have one without the other, because opportunity represents change, and change, for all organisms, means flirting with death. Change is the enemy, because change brings risk. Fear is our compass. It’s overrated as an e

An American Anti-Testament

Though it could be a matter of critical opinion, it’s no secret that most “Christian” films suck. I believe the general consensus is a lot of things that have been labeled in the West as “Christian” suck. Specifics at least. Sorry Hillsong Young & Free, I have no desire to worship the Divine creator of the universe to an overproduced techno track with a repetitive pre-chorus. Why would any of us? On my side of the world consumerism is king. If you can’t see it, touch it, or eat it immediately

The Concept of Happiness — Jenni Johnson

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. What have we been taught to pursue that makes us fell so desolate to the experience itself? • None the state of being happy. Not a job or car or beautiful boy with a shining ring in his left pocket. I have been traveling to some of the most beautiful places (in my personal opinion), eating some of the most delicious food, meeting some of the most remarkable people (also a personal opinion, but I’ll stand by it) and yet the mental preconception

Europe and Expectations — Jenni Johnson

I learned a thing or two about a thing or two in Croatia. I think I had in my mind (for some odd reason) that this side of the Mediterranean was smooth and sandy, I was met pretty quickly with the reality that Croatia was not willing to oblige to these ideas. After two fast weeks in Italy, constantly exploring museums, different cities and so many structures of history, I was ready for a slower pace. The beach has always been a place of rest for me. Hours and hours of sun But tourists and lo

Places and Pasta — Jenni Johnson

Pasta isn’t my favorite group of food in the world (please hold back your pitch forks, folks) But let me tell you something you might already very well know: Italians know how to make carbs. And gelato. LOTS of gelato. This was my first time visiting the marvelous and magical land of romance, gelato and unreasonable amounts of beauty in countryside vineyards and bustling historic streets. The preconceived expectations I had of Italy were that of sweet, slow living and life changing food. But t

Traveling and Being Alone — Jenni Johnson

The conception of home has miscarried in me. To be honest, I’m not sure it ever existed at all. The idolization of anywhere outside my parent’s house has been loud and concrete for as long as I can remember. Not just their house; the zip code, the politics, the people we shared grocery store lines with. I’ve always known what I don’t want. And somehow, now the list is adjoining what I do. I was home for Christmas this year and it was seventy degrees and humid. East Texas specializes in clichés

Present in Paris Blog — Jenni Johnson

Bonjour! From literally my favorite place on earth. (Well, I haven’t seen everywhere…) But Paris, even before my first visit many moons ago, this city has always had a golden frame around my heart. As I spoke with a friend (oh yes, you know my travel partner and fellow writing comrade Reid, whom you can also follow along with) about my integral love for Paris, I looked upon a Luxembourg Gardens building front illuminated by the noonday sun, and realized that maybe I’ll never know where the con

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